4th Trophy “Best Green Shipping Line HAROPA – ESI 2015”

4th Trophy “Best Green Shipping Line HAROPA – ESI 2015”

HAROPA renews support to the “greenest” shipping companies.

HAROPA, a founding partner of the ESI approach, reaffirmed its backing to the shipping companies which commit themselves by their side in favour of the environment. Being forerunners as regards sustainable development and mitigation measures, the three ports of the Seine corridor awarded the trophy « Best Green Shipping Line HAROPA – ESI* 2015 » on Wednesday, September 7th; the event took place at Port 2000 on the occasion of the 10 years of its coming-on-stream. 

On 7 September in Le Havre, HAROPA awarded 13 trophies to 12 shipping companies for their green calls: 12 for Le Havre and 1 for Rouen. This approach and initiatives reassert HAROPA’s will to work jointly with shipowners to improve the port environment of tomorrow. Let’s remind that the purpose of this trophy is encouraging the shipowners to reduce the emissions in the air of their ships and then promote ever “greener” shipping. Particularly aware of the cause, the shipowners are more and more numerous to play the game and even voluntarily go beyond the regulatory requirements. Since its creation in 2012, 21 shipping companies have signed the HAROPA charter and, by the end of 2015, HAROPA rewarded a total of 890 calls. 

It’s worth reminding that the ESI gives a score, for each participating ship, based upon several parameters including the performance of her engines, the facilities and equipment on board and the quality of the fuels used. The reward can reach up to the equivalent of 10% of the port dues owed by the shipping companies, according to conditions defined by each of the participating ports. 

Port 2000, an approach integrating the environment

HAROPA has wished to salute the 10 years of Port 2000 by organizing on site the trophy awarding ceremony. As since its inception, Port 2000 has taken into account the particularly sensitive environmental context in which it was included. In addition to the measures made to reduce the impact of the works themselves, it has been the start of a real concerted approach with a view to the environmental restoration of the river Seine estuary though the environmental measures included into the project and the scope of which goes beyond the mere mitigation. 

A will to extend the approach 

This year, the ‘Environmental Ship Index’ trophy becomes the « Best Green Shipping Line HAROPA » and integrates the ‘Green Label’ approach. Originally exclusively maritime, the approach is now onwards extended to river shipping; it was in March last that the first environmental trophy of the river fleet was launched by HAROPA – Ports of Paris. 

The trophies were awarded by:

  • Régine BREHIER, HAROPA President, CEO of HAROPA - Ports of Paris,
  • Hervé MARTEL, HAROPA Vice-president, CEO of HAROPA - Port of Le Havre,
  • Nicolas OCCIS, HAROPA Vice-president, CEO of HAROPA - Port of Rouen.

The shipping lines rewarded are:

In alphabetical order

  • APL
  • CMA CGM  Le Havre and CMA CGM Rouen
  • MSC
  • NYK
  • UASC


HAROPA, the 5th largest port complex in Northern Europe, is a joint venture between the ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris. It is connected to every continent owing to a first-rate international shipping offer (linking 600 ports worldwide). It serves a vast hinterland whose core is in the Seine valley and the Paris region forming the biggest French consumer market area. With around 10 Normandy and Paris area partner ports, the "one-stop" hub now forms in France a global transport and logistics system, capable of providing a comprehensive end-to-end service. HAROPA handles over 120 million tons of cargo by sea and waterway each year. HAROPA business represents 160,000 jobs. 

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