About us

  • HAROPA, a new port leader

HAROPA, the joint venture between the ‘grand port maritime du Havre’, the ‘grand port maritime de Rouen’ and the ‘port autonome de Paris’ was created in 2012 with the purpose of building up a European-sized port system in the field of industry, logistics and tourism dedicated to its customers.

Actually being the largest French port system with 91.4 Mt of sea traffic and more than 20 million tons of river traffic in 2015, HAROPA ranks 5th within the northern range after Rotterdam (466 Mt), Antwerp (206 Mt), Hamburg (138 Mt) and Amsterdam (97 Mt). In this very competitive market, the ports of the Seine corridor had to distinguish themselves..

The creation of HAROPA really marked a change and made it possible to distinguish itself from competitors. This major development was nearly unanimously greeted by institutional and economic stakeholders at French level. HAROPA has also rapidly acquired fame at European level and even worldwide and has been awarded several prizes by the specialized press in Europe and Asia for its performances and its environmental policy.

HAROPA is listed in the main European transport network (core network) and the projects supported by HAROPA were granted more than 100 M€ of subsidies by the European Union in 2015 to strengthen its sea and land accessibility.

Traffic growth from 2012 (+6.9% in tonnage) and the increase in the market share of the port of Le Havre within the northern range on the very competitive container sector are also very favourable signs (the market share of the port of Le Havre on the container market within the northern range increased from 5.87% to 7% from 2011 to 2015).

  • HAROPA, a strength dedicated to customers

HAROPA’s strength lies in its ability to make the competitiveness and visibility of the port system of the Seine valley increase for the benefit of its customers by pooling the means of the three port authorities and tackling the subjects on the right scale : as regards the industrial and logistics settlements on the scale of a production and consumer basin of more than 14 million inhabitants accounting for 30 % of the French GDP, and as regards cargo flows on the west-European scale.

HAROPA is also a single business window which identifies and offers its customers and prospects the best possible solutions. In order to do that worldwide, HAROPA has set up a network of representatives present in China, Korea, South Korea, India, Japan, Brazil and the United States.

  • HAROPA, a both high-performance and environmentally-friendly import/export solution

Choosing HAROPA means selecting:

  • A sea transport offer at the best European standard with more than 600 ports of call worldwide and around 3,500 commercial service offers in 2015 for containers and Ro-Ro trades; all alliances of world shipping companies are present; the port is accessible 24h/7d; it is the first port of call on the northern range on import and the last port of call on export.
  • An extensive and diversified land and estate offer with 6,000 hectares of sites from Le Havre to Paris dedicated to port, industrial and logistics business; projects for turnkey warehouses conducted by first-class property developers (PROLOGIS, PANHARD, VAILOG-SEGRO); land sites available for new logistics and industrial setting-ups.
  • An increasing river and rail multimodal offer. For combined transport, 10 river terminals in 5 regions (Normandy, Ile-de-France, North-Pas-de-Calais Picardy, Champagne-Ardenne Alsace Lorraine, Bourgogne Franche-Comté) served by 38 weekly river services and 15 cities directly served by 61 weekly rail services; concerning bulk cargo, 34% of river and rail pre-carriage for cereal exports in 2015 (8.2 Mt).
  • A new-generation digital offer with the cargo community system S)One to dematerialize the information exchanges between all players of the transport chain and the Customs; open to importers-exporters, easy to access from anywhere, 100% mobile, S)ONE generates productivity gains and increased fluidity all along the chain.

Choosing HAROPA also means being part of an exemplary and recognized environmental approach saluted by two prizes awarded by the world press in 2015, the « Best Green Port in the world » in Singapore and the “environmental protection award” in Antwerp, and several certifications given by independent organizations (ISO 14001 and PERS).

The environmental policy of HAROPA is characterized by the systematic search for the lesser environmental impact and the implementation of efficient and ambitious solutions for the protection of the natural areas and the development of the city-port interfaces in its social and urban aspects.

  • HAROPA facts and figures

  • More than 250,000 passengers for sea cruising and over 8 million passengers for river cruising in 2015;
  • Around 500 million euro of public and private investments scheduled in 2016 in the field of port infrastructures, industrial facilities, logistics real estate and tourism;
  • More than 1,600 business commercial meetings in 2015 to assess the customers’ satisfaction and meet their requirements;
  • Around M€340 of turnover and M€85 of self-financing capacity as a whole for the three port authorities in 2015 for development.