HAROPA – Port of Le Havre: development of Port 2000 services

Port 2000 is access now authorized for river tanker-vessels

Published in the French Official Journal on August 5th, the decree concerning the « sea navigation of the river tanker-vessels serving Port 2000 for bunkering purposes and service to vessels » authorizes Port 2000 access to river tanker-vessels, subject to compliance with the technical requirements.

The authorization system applicable 

Thanks to this decree, the river tanker-vessels, holders of an individual authorization delivered by the Seine-Maritime Departmental Prefect, will be allowed to provide a bunkering and waste collection service to vessels calling at Port 2000 from the historic Port, via the “North Route”. 

The individual authorization will be allocated according to the specifications of the tanker-vessel and its ability to navigate rough water areas. It applies to self-propelled barges sailing to and from the historic port and must be renewed at least every five years. This system is similar to that established in late 2013 for self-propelled container barges on the North routes (from the historic port) and South (from Honfleur and the estuary). 

A competitive and appropriate answer to shipping lines’ requirements 

This decree aims to improve the competitiveness of the bunkering operations provided to vessels calling at Port 2000 and especially enables HAROPA – Port of Le Havre to have a competitive and appropriate answer in terms of volumes and bunkering needs of shipping lines. It is the result of teamwork between shipping lines, the port of Le Havre and the State services, and will strengthen the attractiveness of the port. 

About HAROPA – Port of Le Havre

Owing to an outstanding location on the West-European sea board, HAROPA-Port of Le Havre, ≠1 French port for external trade and 5th largest North-European port for container trade, accommodates each year around 6,000 vessels among which the world largest containerships. Accessible 24/7 without any limitation of tide, it handled about 70 million tonnes of cargo in 2015 and 40 % of the French imports of crude oil.

Being a member of HAROPA, ≠1French port system, together with the ports of Rouen and Paris, Port of Le Havre offers an easy and fast gateway to all continents for all world major shipping lines with around 600 ports of call. As one of the biggest European port systems, HAROPA has about five hundred hectares of available land and estate reserves along the Seine corridor. It helps its customers setting up and managing competitive and sustainable logistics systems to serve the N° 1 European consumer basin with 25 million inhabitants.