HAROPA Press Conference of September 2016

In four years of existence and despite the events of spring 2016, HAROPA has demonstrated the interest of the alliance of the port authorities of the Seine valley. The goal remains: to improve the competitiveness and visibility of the Seine corridor port system for the surrounding regions and the companies within them.

  • Because the action for the economic development of the Seine corridor is necessarily collective, and ports are only part of the solution, since its creation in 2012, HAROPA has acted as a lead contractor, a backbone, a "solutions supplier." This involvement, hitherto unprecedented on the scale of the Seine Valley, has made it possible to draw conclusions with our partners, followed by action plans. The following pages provide illustrations of this collaborative approach, which is the essence of HAROPA
  • In order to assert the place of the Seine corridor within its European counterparts, as well as build and extend the hinterland of the 3 ports, HAROPA has to send strong signals to all of the port stakeholders. To do so, ambitious investment and modernization works are necessary. Depending on the projects, the State, the European Commission, public authorities and private companies, participate in investments with the main seaports
  • The high diversity of HAROPA traffic is a feature unique in Europe: that diversity allows us both to cope with economic fluctuations and seize every opportunity for development, as shown by the results of the first 7 months.
  • Recall of 2016 Highlights

The specific characteristics of the port model created by HAROPA, which is capable of meeting the needs of all the market sectors that use ports in Europe, is undoubtedly a major asset for the sustainable development of business throughout the Seine valley.