SUCRE OCEANE & HAROPA - Port of Le Havre inaugurate a new sugar silo

SUCRE OCEANE & HAROPA - Port of Le Havre inaugurate a new sugar silo

SUCRE OCEANE and HAROPA - Port of Le Havre inaugurate today a new sugar silo. This long-awaited event which takes place a few days after the withdrawal of the European quotas on export of beet sugar, marks a capital step in the development of the trade in Le Havre.

The opening of the market of beet sugar as from October 1st has been anticipated by the operator SUCRE OCEANE who takes the opportunity of the withdrawal of the quotas to increase its storage and processing capacity on export. This expert in sugar logistics, a subsidiary of SHGT and EUROPORTS, has thus invested 13 million euros to build a 15,000-ton silo and completely upgrades the site, located in the heart of the port of Le Havre, chaussée Hermann Du Pasquier, near three other silos with the same capacity. Operational as from October 1st and officially inaugurated on October 31st, the silo increases the overall sugar storage capacity of the Havre port terminal; it also makes it possible to create 25 direct jobs.

sugar siloAccording to Guillaume BLANCHARD, SHGT President, “the liberalization of the European sugar market is an opportunity for our customers to serve new markets and resume overseas export. Extending our storage and transit capacity will enable us to meet these opportunities of growth ; we will handle up to 140,000 tons of sugar for this season, that is 6,000 TEU exported from the port of Le Havre.”

Photo legend : Connected to all major shipping lines with weekly departures, the facilities of SUCRE OCEANE situated in the port of Le Havre are supplied by road and rail.

SUCRE OCEANE, which has meanwhile started to upgrade its industrial processes, sees to it that the facilities meet the strictest quality standards; the installations have several certificates (HACCP quality system, Food Safety System Certification 22 000 (FSSC 22000) and SUCRE OCEANE is full AEO approved (Authorized Economic Operator). These requirements echo those that French sugar producers have made it a rule to do, as they are renowned for producing a top-quality sugar in terms of traceability and health quality.

Emmanuèle PERRON, Chairwoman of HAROPA - Port of Le Havre, is pleased about the first economic repercussions resulting from the opening of this market: “the liberalization of the European market gives momentum to exports and offers France, the first world producer of beet sugar, huge new business prospects. That’s why, in Le Havre, the end of the quotas enables SUCRE OCEANE, an essential stakeholder of this industrial trade, to develop its business by building this fourth silo dedicated to the export of sugar in containers. Our country, our region, our city and our port are delighted that SUCRE OCEANE could have anticipated this growth opportunity choosing to invest in our area.”


In 2016, 14,000 TEU of sugar were handled in Le Havre of which 63% on export. The Norman port has stakes that enable it to remain the leading port in France for this fast-expanding trade: 

  • its being close to the sugar plants in the North of France, which are mainly turned towards export;
  • its strategic position as the 1st port of call on import in Northern Europe and the last port of call on export provides competitive transit times;
  • its outstanding nautical conditions which give the world largest containerships a round-the-clock accessibility, 7 days a week, with no tidal constraint. 


On October 1st, 2017, the Common Market Organization (CMO) cancelled the quotas which restricted the sugar policy in Europe. The quotas had been set up within the scope of the Rome treaty signed in 1957 by the member states, just like the regulation of the production and the subsidies granted to develop production and exports.

About Sucre Océane

Sucre Océane is a storage and handling company for bulk granulated white sugar. Established in Le Havre since 1987, it is co-owned by Euroports and SHGT. With its four independent silos of 15,000 tons each, Sucre Océane is the only port terminal which provides complete traceability on four qualities from the sugar plant up to the final consumer. Sucre Océane also organizes inbound and outbound door-to-door logistics solutions for sugar.


Euroports which ranks among the major companies in shipping and port sector provides global solutions of the logistics chain for numerous international customers in varied industrial sectors. Every year, Euroports handles 50 million tons of bulk cargo, conventional cargo, liquid and containerized goods. Euroports’ mission is to be the top-choice partner for its customers and provide them with the best possible solution.

About SHGT

A 100 % subsidiary of the Sofrino Sogena Group, SHGT was created in 1958 and accounts for 150 staff. As a major stakeholder in the goods handled in Le Havre, SHGT manages all types of commodities: coals, foodstuff products, ores, cements, sugars. SHGT, through its subsidiary MANUCAR, operates handling and is ship’s agent for the ro-ro vessels. Owing to its mastery of the main port trades, SHGT provides integrated logistics solutions in freight forwarding (sea, rail, road and river), management of multimodal platforms and warehousing. SHGT works in the sugar sector through its subsidiaries Sucre Océane (60,000 tons of storage and 140,000 tons of transit per year) and CICAL (10,000 tons of storage, 100,000 tons of rail transit per year).

About HAROPA - Port of Le Havre

Owing to an outstanding location on the West-European sea board, HAROPA - Port of Le Havre, ≠1 French port for external trade and 5th largest North-European port for container trade, accommodates each year around 6,000 vessels among which the world largest containerships. Accessible 24/7 without any limitation of tide, it handled about 70 million tonnes of cargo in 2016 and 40 % of the French imports of crude oil.

Being a member of HAROPA, ≠1 French port system, together with the ports of Rouen and Paris, Port of Le Havre offers an easy and fast gateway to all continents for all world major shipping lines with around 700 ports of call. As one of the biggest European port systems, HAROPA has about 500 hectares of available land and estate reserves along the Seine corridor. It helps its customers setting up and managing competitive and sustainable logistics systems to serve the N° 1 European consumer basin with 25 million inhabitants.

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